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  • 16/11/2015
Dungeon Champions! //
Future Event: Dungeon Champions! As you can see we began to...

Future Event: Dungeon Champions!

As you can see we began to invest in history and great events, we are trying to make the game become more and more fun as possible, with new themes and new and exclusive items made by RedAQ team. Every week we will have big events, so we are asking all of you to invite more and more friends to full the server! We will have many new features that will not make the server look like just another private, we will show that we are only ones and we have a lot to offer for you! Such as unique events that makes you remember real RPGs. Examples: - Medals by event achievements; - Trade medals of complete events for amazing items; - Long events with many quests and huge rooms; - Events that you can only complete with a party (help from friends).

And many more things, for example the medals will serve to show that you have completed the event and will always have a symbolic item in the shop for you to trade the medal, this will show that you have complete the event and fought to be one of the unique players that won medals, let's say it would be a kind of dispute of players for medals, and only the strongest and most amazing will take all!

Types of events for this year and the next:

- Dungeon Champions

- Darkness Hero (event to open a storyline in the game)

Darkness Hero: We will tell the story of a hero (like you), but the difference is that it has been taken over by darkness, he comes from the future to kill you because you disturb his plans to dominate the world, and if he kill you before you show him all your power, it would be easier to conquer the world, perhaps the universe.

For now let's move little information about it. Have a good game! Do not forget to invite your friends!


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