• Prometheus
  • 16/03/2016
Event direct from RedAQ Hell //
Hello everybody..! Prepare yourself to face the warriors...

Hello everybody..!

Prepare yourself to face the warriors of Hell! A rebelion is happening down there. It seems that the gates were opened and the warriors of Saith were released to Earth. Saith is a powerful demon that is prepared to destroy everything and everyone who gets in his way. But we have a good side in all this! When the warriors of hell came out to attack our city, they opened a path to a dungeon near Faroff! You can see in Bioka's eyes that he is afraid! Fight, Hero! When you destroy the Great Demon, you will be able to steal his magic book! This way you can create a new type of learning. You'll learn how the Infernal Warlock control Hellfire! Do not worry if this power will corrupt you to the Evil side, because you can use this power against it! Finish Saith and take the map of the dungeon from the backpack of the soldiers. In the future you will need it to get into the most frightening, terrible and incredible Dungeon EVER!


- Bank pet will be back!

- Users who use bug will have they accounts excluded.

- Dage Birthday Shop will be Rare.

- Limited Shop will have new items!

- Infernal Merge Shop will be added with so much items, especially Infernal Warlock Class!


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