• Prometheus
  • 25/03/2016
Hello everybody.. Get prepared to a LUCKY EVENT!! Various...

Hello everybody.. Get prepared to a LUCKY EVENT!!

Various shops to get RARE ITEMS!! And thousand of items to you! Make a perfect set and show that you're the most powerful Hero ever!

Fast, open the Limited Quantity Shop and get the most rare items that only have a few quantity to sell. Gotta get'em all!! Various beautiful items are avaliable there! You can choose the most rares FAST or get the most beautiful until the quantity cames to zero!

Are you feeling lucky? No?! So buy the Lucky Items and GET LUCKY! The coolest lucky themed items are here! Green and Gold are the new Black, gear those colors and be the coolest Leprechaun on the RedAQ world! Over 30 items to choose and collect. They will be rare!

You can get much ACs in /luck, that is our lucky gift to you! Daily quests offer 2000 ACs, and in the other quest you can get 500 ACs! Enjoy the Lucky Event!!

Advice: The dungeon event was postponed, but it will came next month! We are working to make the most amusing and advantageous events for you.


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