• Prometheus
  • 22/04/2016
New event coming today! //
Get ready for epic quests that will give you wonderful rewar...

Get ready for epic quests that will give you wonderful rewards!

Today we will have an event of new missions of Nulgath, where you will get demonic and monstrous items! But these items will not be easy to achieve. You'll have to kill all beings that the Servant of Nulgath want, and have to get some very powerful artifacts to satisfy Nulgath. The Archfiend Master need to make sure that you deserve the equipment it produces.

The Void Caster Class will return to the game, but in a harder way to get! If you were not lucky enough to get the limited version of the class, you can try to get it through a challenging mission, but not impossible. Remembering that this Void Caster will not have any difference of the LQS one.

New class is coming too! You can be a Wicked Ripper if you do all the things that Nulgath needs. It won't be so easy... You need to proof that you deserve this class, because a Ripper is VERY VERY CRUEL. Nulgath likes this.

Remember that next Friday we will have an event with Anime and Games items!


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