• Okumura
  • 01/06/2016
ManaCraft Saga //
The way to be a Manamancer! Defeat Jotaceh of creating ...

The way to be a Manamancer!

Defeat Jotaceh of creating a powerful monster that may suck all souls of mages in the world! Help Helena to find the ingredients before Jotaceh, and kill all the monsters he created to prevent being found.
Jotaceh is a powerful Manamancer that wants to be more powerful yet. He discovered a recipe to create a monster, and this monster may absorb all the mana from the World of RedAQ! If you have mana, you would be afraid from this. Helena is here to prevent Jotaceh from creating this monster. Help her to find all the ingredients that would be used agains us, and destroyt them!

If you pass all the Dragon Tests, you can start to farm reputation in ManaCraft and be a Manamancer! But don't stop being afraid. Jotaceh will be there soon and you'll have to face him! For now, you need to defeat the Elemental Dragon if you want to have the exact location of Jotaceh.

-Manamancer Class

-Lots of items in the Reputation Shop

-Complete set dropping of each dragon in /manarunes

-Next Friday: RedAQ Birthday Event!


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