• Okumura
  • 04/06/2016
RedAQ 4th Birthday! //
And ManaCraft Saga Finale! Hi, players! We are doing o...

And ManaCraft Saga Finale!

Hi, players! We are doing our 4th Birthday! This could only be possible because of you, and we are really grateful for this! Check out the Red Themed items in /join faroff! Hope we still be here for a loooong time!

Welcome to the new Town! In this place you can see various NPCs of various events, just click them and go to their events! The sings indicates the locations.

Pet Shop quest! Aria is with a new Special Pet Shop. To have access to her shop, you need to have a Key. Get the key by completing the quest!

ManaCraft Saga Finale!

You will finally face Jotaceh, hero! The villain of ManaCraft decides to fight against you! You need to complete all the ManaCraft Saga before doing the quest. Remember: you can get A LOOOOT of Reputation in this quest! And you will unlock an exclusive shop only for the players who done all the Saga!


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