• RedAQ Team
  • 25/09/2016
What has come and what will come ..! //
Let's start with what has come to the game; So I think ev...

Let's start with what has come to the game;

So I think everyone can see the differences that are happening inside our server, I think that is 100% visible to anyone and we, the staff, are working hard to bring more cool stuff for your enjoyment which is the priority here! Dredd is working to add the things in the shops; if anything will be released, the prices, which item, and if it's a "lqs": the quantity too. I have no doubt that Dredd is doing a great job about it, but I want to know about you, what do you think about his work in about the shops? (Send us a Facebook Feedback.) Right now he's putting some items in the new "Pink Diamond Shop"...

............If you don't know yet, recently was released a new "World Boss" in our game that is in /join Rice, where you can find some new classes, quests of Pink Diamonds and some amazing items. Just take a look right now! http://www.redaq.net/playnow

... Before I forget... A new Yulgar and a new Battleon arrived in our game, you can check it right now going in /join Yulgar and /join faroff. Enjoy!

....-And what will come ??? The trade system is coming, we can not give an exact date at the moment but I assure you that will arrive soon, wait for it!

Well, recently Dack was working to fix the achievements menu that had before in the game but was lost with the version update of the Game Menu. Dack was studying some code to understand how it worked, fortunately he was able to understand the codes and is already working on the new menu badges / Achievements design that will probably be put back on the Game Menu, so wait for this because it's coming soon.

...And will come a lot of amazing things but I can't say yet, it's a surprise! ^^

Well, we hope you enjoy the improvements that are already in the game and wait the another things that are to come. Be Kind and Have Fun!

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