• Osyris
  • 21/12/2016
Christmas has come to RedAQ. //
Hello everybody, Today the team brought a temporary event ...

Hello everybody, Today the team brought a temporary event to another adventure for you! /join Marry Christmas

Today the team came to bring a great event to close the Year, In this event there are difficult quests and great challenges!!

In the following room's have exclusive monsters with Drops only when you pick up the quest ... "Remembering the quest can only be done once" ... After completing the quest it disappears ... So with this you will have a great Challenge!

Did you get the room everyone expected, neh? I know you've lived asking yourself "What will be the boss of this saga" Well ... I have good news for you here has "Two Boss" that's right, a big map with a big challenge for you

On this great hill you will have sweated a lot to get here, but calm is not over yet. You're still in the middle of the Path ... So do not end up here, there are some more challenges for you to complete

Well ... Here is the boss and the most feared boss of this saga, He commits a High Damage, HP high, Stun and Lowers his damage. You'll need some friends to defeat him. The Event contains many items from Rep, "There is no Token" \ o /, The most feared class "Christmas of They" contains also in this event ... because it is difficult you will get it and you will not regret your skills . So that's it personal hug and have fun at this great year-end event <3 End Event: 02/01/2017
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