• ReD, Dack and Drust
  • 21/10/2015
This is how the Evolution //
Merge works: The first quest is the main quest. You need to...

Merge works:

The first quest is the main quest. You need to collect Evolution Essences to make the first sword, together with some items in /join nightcave, in the quests of Pillar (or monster drop). The other quests are necessary to evolve the swords. You need to get the Evolution Essences to turn them into other Essences, and then you can make new evolutions. You will also need some items from the quests of Pillar, like the first quest.

When you get the Final Sword, print all your screen and send the image to http://www.facebook.com/redplay.official to participate the contest.

WARNING: There is a bug in the game that make easier to get the final sword. Those who take advantage from the bug to win the contest will get the ACCOUNT DELETED. We can see how long the players took to get the sword. Some get them in 6 minutes, this isn't fair for the players who took too much time for get the sword honestly.

WARNING²: For prevent other "advantage-taking bugs", we will DELETE THE BANK SYSTEM FROM THE GAME. Of course you can buy inventory spaces. But remember to TAKE OFF THE BANK ALL YOUR ITEMS, because they will be deleted together with the system. Sorry, we really want to keep the bank in the game, and we are fighting to fix this bug as soon as we can, and, now, the solution is to delete the bank system.

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