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  • 09/11/2015
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Hello everyone.. The server this increasingly improved! we ...

Hello everyone..

The server this increasingly improved! we are adding new things! making him becoming larger and more flexible for players of all places. this week we change the game interface as the game menu! but it will change bringing a different game and more informative menu for beginners! We had a limited quantity shop and the second part of Atlantis saga.

Below give a new list for you all - Limited quantity shop Part 2 (Next Friday).

- Let's have a future dangerous, a tower DUNGEON !.

- A future nugalth and dage event.

- Let us fix classes of errors and animations.

- The level will increase in the future! When ? Undated.

Redaq Team thanks everyone for being part of the game! we will improve more and more. Important reminders that post for those players who are experiencing difficulty viewing the new updates.

As was added new icons classes and new menu, you need to clear your browser, it but remember to close it and mark all cleanup options. (Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers spark). Clear your browser on your settings. Tip: use the Ccleanner program.


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