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What has come and what will come ..!
Let's start with what has come to the game; So I think everyone can see the differences that are happening inside our server, I think that is 100% visible to anyone and we, the staff, are working hard to bring more cool stuff for your enjoyment which is the priority here! Dredd is working to add the things in the shops; if anything will be released, the prices, which item, and if it's a "lq...
Char Page!
The Char Page is back! Enjoy...
New Event: Platinum Knight vs Sentinel! Only what we can say about that event now is that it will have two new classes and a new House. Stay tuned!...
I made a new Yulgar map, so hope you like this new design. And don't forget, if you know about any bug, about anything wrong inside our game just let us know, just report on our Facebook:
PvP Arena!
Darkness Shinobi Class! New event for get a new class! The Darkness Shinobi Class is here for Arena Tokens. You need to gather Arena Tokens in /join pvpteam, but it can be difficult because other players will try to kill you before you kill the monsters! Go to /join pvplobby and exchange your Arena Token C to B and A, and get a lot of gear in the Merge Shop! A new Limited Quantity Shop ...
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