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New event and rare shop!
Hello everybody.. This month RedAQ is celebrating 4 years! This could only be possible because of you, players! We are still making new events and bringing new things to the game because YOU made the game possible! Thank you! Help Leena to save the Birthday Party! Monsters are invading the party and Leena couldn't make it on time! Let's smash some monsters and make the best party ever! ...
RedAQ 4th Birthday!
And ManaCraft Saga Finale! Hi, players! We are doing our 4th Birthday! This could only be possible because of you, and we are really grateful for this! Check out the Red Themed items in /join faroff! Hope we still be here for a loooong time! Welcome to the new Town! In this place you can see various NPCs of various events, just click them and go to their events! The sings indicates the ...
ManaCraft Saga
The way to be a Manamancer! Jotaceh is a powerful Manamancer that wants to be more powerful yet. He discovered a recipe to create a monster, and this monster may absorb all the mana from the World of RedAQ! If you have mana, you would be afraid from this. Helena is here to prevent Jotaceh from creating this monster. Help her to find all the ingredients that would be used agains us, and destro...
  • Okumura
  • 01/06/2016
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    Unlucky Mansion
    Random Tickets for Merge Shop! Voltaire is back to RedAQ! He is waiting for your help in the Unlucky Mansion. The Mansion was invaded by strange creatures, and the guards were corrupted by the evil spirit of those creatures. Mutated Anglerfishes and other Bizarre Creatures came to the Mansion just to find a new home. Help Voltaire to back everything like was before the invasion and you can e...
    The Promised Class and Anime Final Update
    Boss Challenge for level 300! Hello everyone! We came here to inform updates and news that are coming. Today you will be able to access the new shop in /join anime with unique and rare items! So do not forget to check out the game today. You can access the /join animeb map to face the powerful monster in a challenge to only level 300 players! Important updates: -F...
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