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Dungeon Champions!
Future Event: Dungeon Champions! As you can see we began to invest in history and great events, we are trying to make the game become more and more fun as possible, with new themes and new and exclusive items made by RedAQ team. Every week we will have big events, so we are asking all of you to invite more and more friends to full the server! We will have many new features that will not make the ...
Redaq the news of the month
Hello everyone.. The server this increasingly improved! we are adding new things! making him becoming larger and more flexible for players of all places. this week we change the game interface as the game menu! but it will change bringing a different game and more informative menu for beginners! We had a limited quantity shop and the second part of Atlantis saga. Below give a new list for y...
This is how the Evolution
Merge works: The first quest is the main quest. You need to collect Evolution Essences to make the first sword, together with some items in /join nightcave, in the quests of Pillar (or monster drop). The other quests are necessary to evolve the swords. You need to get the Evolution Essences to turn them into other Essences, and then you can make new evolutions. You will also need some items from ...
Halloween in redaq - /join redloween
Hello everyone =) Today we're bringing it to you this map "redloween"! which has new shop , new items and new quests.. 1. Farming RC's - level - 100+ 2. Farming RC's - level - 130+ /join redloween Don't delay.. Page:
Evolution is Coming!
Challenge of Sunday Farm to get all the Good and Evil Evolution weapons, then merge them into the Master Create blade and finally get the Master Evolution! When you get it, send a printscreen to RedAQ Facebok page and choose one of the two Blades of Honor! Be the faster to get it and get more rewards! The second and third place will get rewards too, so don't worry so much about it. Good Luck! ...
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