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  • 16/11/2015
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Friday the 13th and Black Friday events Happy Friday the 13...

Friday the 13th and Black Friday events

Happy Friday the 13th and bad luck to everyone! We want to that particular day had a great event to participate, and we did. the /fridayevent event will always be there, the only difference is that the rare shop (Merge shop) will come out, and will also undergo changes with new items, we will add more and more items for you to have an incredibly cool and unique customization. If you want to get Unlucky tokens, you will have to complete the event and pick the Sweetheart Wolf that will give you a single mission to get the tokens, to complete the event just go to /join phantomcity and have fun hunting ghosts together with Felice. Do not forget that next week on the same map will release the Black Friday shop with items from the darkness, and /curse, another map, that will take you into the curse of darkness, for face new enemies in search of new thematic equipment of black friday. It's a Black Friday and a Darkness Friday!

In Friday:

- Merge shop 13th rares will be updated;

- Arrival of /join curse;

- Update on the game menu;

- Removal of maps that do not work;

- 20% more Xp, Rep and CP in the server;

- New items to buy at our shop.

Black friday (/curse):

Remember that /join curse will not be rare, but only the shop, this event will also have access to the shop just if you complete the event. Then good luck to everyone, but "luck" just next Friday.

Next month we will have events that we will not saying, to be surprising.

- Christmas Event (The Christmas is coming!)

- Year-end event (Redaq is going to 2016 Next month haha)

- The two events, besides maps, will feature rare shops

- There will have shops with items that will come back every year on the same dates.


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