• RedAQ Team
  • 23/10/2016
Mogloween is finally here! Enjoy our most new event wit...
Mogloween is finally here!
Enjoy our most new event with new items, new quests, new shops and 2 new extension maps soon! You can find this map typing /join Mogloween. Play NOW! http://www.redaq.net/playnow


Warning: To complete some quests you'll need run into some maps of the RedAQ world...

Redloween: 23/10/2016

Coach: 24/10/2016

*Item List (Limited Quantity Shop) - This isn't a permanent list, we'll add more items soon..:

Blade of Darness


Spider Axe

Dark Shotguns

Dual Blade of Darkness

Dual Spider Axe

Raziels Celestial Glory

Umbral Fiend Hands

Candy Caster Class

Dark Slayer

Erida Hunter

Ghost Necro Snake

Straight Jacker

Werepyre Slayer Wings

*Item List (Merge Shop) - This isn't a permanent list, we'll add more items soon..:

Ghoul Blade

Ghoul Katanas

Ghoul Blood Weapon

Evil Pumpkin Lord

Ghoul Beast

Trouble Armor

Vampire Lord Purple

RedAQ Vigilant

Classic Top Hat

Ghoul Beast Long Hair

Ghoulstyle Helm

Short Ghoul Hair

Trouble Hair Female

Trouble Hair Male

Vigilant Hair

Ghoul Tentacles


Safiria: Vampire Queen

Description: Welcome to Mystcroft! The town that only appears once a year - after Mogloween is over, we will magically disappear until the time is right for us to return again. Please, enjoy our town - the Witch sisters are inside, feel free to go and visit with them. I think Bubble needs your help collecting candy, you can find her in the house to the right.

Shops: Merge Shop, Rare Shop (LQS) and Class Shop


Let's Begin!

Buying Souls

Pink Treasure

A Knight's Battle

Legion's Lord

House of Heros

Insane Mission

Invading The Mansion

Safiria's Approval

Bubble: The Cauldron Sister

Description: Hi there! I love Mogloween. Don't you just love Mogloween? All the candy, and chocolate and costumes and chocolate and candy... I wish there was an easier way for me to get MORE candy. Oh I know! Do you want to help me?



Fast Battle

Skeletal Bones

Fire Battle

Pumpkin Hunt

Mog Tokens

Wolf Tokens

RedAQ Hunter


Speeking w/ Sirens



Mogloween: /join Mogloween

Redloween: /join Redloween

Coach: /join Coach

Hope you enjoy this event and hope you have time enough to get all the items. XoXo

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