• ReD, Dack and Drust
  • 12/10/2015
The Atlantis invasion - Lost City //
/Join Nightcave The event of this week brings us a powerful ...

/Join Nightcave

The event of this week brings us a powerful guardian of Atlantis, he came in search of a noble warrior to help him protect the lost city (not so lost). The guardian angel is getting weak due to the long time without training. This fact suggests that has a long time that no one tried to invade the Lost City, but now things have changed. Looks like an old guardian (who's name is not known) betrayed Atlantis and gave a map to Miltonius find it. There is a city of dreams, it has gold, has power, and if it is in the wrong hands, the city's artifacts can end up generating an apocalypse. Remember to be a good warrior and help Pillar, he will give you good rewards in return. Miltonius is in the way to discover the city. Prevent him and kill all the monsters that are following him. Good luck!


Next week: Visit Atlantis to get new rewards. Battle with the traitor. Volcano Dragon: You can drop of Miltonius in / join nightcave. Dack's Gear and Merge Shop: Remember to pick up all the items, they will become rare.
In /join nightcave quests you can get the following items:

Atlantis Artifact

Totem Atlantis

Dack Soul

Drust Soul

Token Atlantis Warrior

Julia's Soul

Darkness Essence

Angel Essence

Champion Token

Atlantis Gold Coin

Merge Forge

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