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Incredible event for the strongest players!
Hello everyone.. Next Friday we will have some updates in RedAQ, bringing new items and unique maps. - New Diamond Shop; - World Boss challenge; - Medal Shop. We will have several updates and fixes, we are working as fast as possible to get better with new challenges for players!
Dage Birthday and pirates on board friday
Hello everyone.. Next Friday we will have some updates in RedAQ, bringing new items and unique maps. - Haru NPC with medal rewards; - New map / sailor updated with all Naval Commander for purchase, with farm missions; - Dage Birthday Shop. The 3rd shop of the War, the Chapter 3 Shop, will open and you will be able to get the Legion Mage Class! To get it, you will need to gather 2000 Dage Tok...
Cavemancer Class
Hello everyone... After many updates on this week, we are launching a new class in /join cave! It will be simple to get. When you arrive at the Cave, you will need the armor "Master Cavemancer" to get the class. You can merge the armor in Bioka's Merge Shop, he is in the Cave too! More news: The place to level up and get AC will change, we are working on a new /join, better and more effective...
Dage Vs Nulgath War
Sorry for delay =) Attention all warriors! You are being recruited to fight in the war of Dage vs Nulgath! Choose who will be your master in this bloody War, if you do well, you can choose rewards! Buy rare items in the Game Menu, some of the rewards of the War will also be rare! Take this opportunity to show your admiration for the evil masters. This War will also have a class! Come now and play...
Friday Event
Friday the 13th and Black Friday events Happy Friday the 13th and bad luck to everyone! We want to that particular day had a great event to participate, and we did. the /fridayevent event will always be there, the only difference is that the rare shop (Merge shop) will come out, and will also undergo changes with new items, we will add more and more items for you to have an incredibly cool and un...
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